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Happy Henon bamboo

Happy Henon bamboo.

It’s been two weeks since I potted up the Giant Grey Henon, the Moso seedlings and the unidentified boo that I had planted at the back of the property and subsequently rescued after a total lack of progress for four years. The Henon is topside in a 25 gallon container and the other two are down in the pit greenhouse in 3 gallon containers.

In the last two weeks, we’ve had at least a couple of freezing nights plus some freezing rain. Very chilly – but not a super hard freeze as my water buckets only got a slab of surface ice but nothing very thick. Nevertheless, the Henon is a recent planting without establishing it’s root system, so I was understandably nervous.

When I potted up the Henon, I decided to plunge the pot in the ground, just in case I had more freezing weather, and as importantly to protect the roots from the summer heat as well. It turned out to be a wise move – very shortly after I had plunged it, we had a freeze. The earthmass kept the soil from freezing – under the mulch it was soft to the touch while the water in my lotus containers was frozen.

And after all this, the Henon is not only still green – but growing. I’m seeing lotsa new buds swelling, ready to pop out the new Spring leaves. I expect to see a few shoots too, tho I’ll be happy to see the new leaves. Not bad. It will have a good year this year and after getting established will certainly pop out new shoots next Spring.

Moso boo with new shoot on the right.

Moso boo with new shoot on the right.

My Moso has popped out a new shoot too and a second smaller shoot as well. Characteristic of Moso, the leaves of the young seedling is large, and the hairs at the nodes are black. In the next few weeks we’ll see just how tall the new culms get. It’s perfectly happy in its new home and I expect it to outgrow that in at least two years then it’ll be up to a 25 gallon container. Once it outgrows that, the beds will be ready to plant it inground.

Rescued boo ready to shoot out new leaves.

Rescued boo ready to shoot out new leaves.

The boo I rescued hasn’t shot up any new shoots, but it’s got serious bud-swell. I expect to see new leaves in the next couple of weeks. This boo is a pretty green boo that will give me 2″ thick culms at the least that stand over 30′ tall. Should make a very nice screening boo.

As of now, it’s mainly a waiting game – watching grass grow. However, the wait is worth it – this grass will in time produce a very beautiful stand of bamboo that will be a sight to see.

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