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PostHeaderIcon 6 weeks in, 9 pounds out

I had my 6 week check in with my health coach.

The first session I didn’t like my health coach. He made to much eye contact. He would just stare at me, not breaking eye contact, and the worst part, not blinking. Oh it drove me crazy. I thought “how could I continue seeing this guy”. Then he would say things to me like “Food is neither good nor bad. It’s the choices we make that are good or
Dancing Hula in the Sunset District

PostHeaderIcon Andrea’s Gift Guide

I’m almost done with my holiday shopping.
For Christmas I have one more task to do for the presents we’re giving my parents and my in-laws. I’m super excited about their present. I think they’ll really like it. Other than that, I just have to wrap a few things and I’m done. I’m excited to see the The Girl and The Boy when they see what Santa brought them.
I have a few birthday presents to take
Dancing Hula in the Sunset District

PostHeaderIcon Tree Trimming

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Dancing Hula in the Sunset District

PostHeaderIcon All Because of the Elevenses – A True, Yet Pointless Story About My Encounter with Mike Rowe

This morning I wasn’t hungry so I didn’t eat the yogurt I brought to work with me to have for breakfast. Later that morning though, I got a little peckish. I pulled my yogurt out of my backpack and had me some Elevenses.
Indulging in this late morning snack, thus staving off my hunger coupled with the project I had to finish before a 1pm meeting, I didn’t get to lunch until a little after 1:30.

Dancing Hula in the Sunset District

PostHeaderIcon The Health Coach – The Re-MILF-ificaiton of Andrea

About a month ago I started seeing a health coach.

It started like this . . . . . I went to the doctor for a reason that has no bearing on this blog post. At my appointment the doctor decided to give me some blood tests. The results of the blood tests indicated that I might benefit from the help of  a health coach.

Oh, who am I kidding? Any of you who know me know that in the last 7 years I
Dancing Hula in the Sunset District

PostHeaderIcon Evil is Super Cute and It Bows Down to Me!

Well, not really, but get this.

 I was coming home from my run this evening (3.3 miles, yay me!) and a Black Cat crossed my path. It crossed my path, then doubled back, came back towards me and flopped itself at my feet, belly up. I bent down and scratched his belly and his ears, talked to him a little bit then went on my way back home. 
About one house length later the kitty followed after me,
Dancing Hula in the Sunset District

PostHeaderIcon On Marrying Hula

I’m always surprised at the hula steps that come easy to me and the ones that give me grief.

Some moves I get right away. When I attempt them and conquer them I think ‘wow, that sounded hard and I pulled it off. yay me.’

Then there are other moves that sound easy, that seemingly everyone in class, but me figures out and executes perfectly. Both dances we are learning in class this month (and
Dancing Hula in the Sunset District

PostHeaderIcon November Wordle

Dancing Hula in the Sunset District

PostHeaderIcon Turkey Trot

Yesterday I ran in the Turkey Trot at Golden Gate Park and let me tell you, I kicked that Turkey in the ass. I know I kicked it in the ass, because I came in last. So last that the Turkey was packing up its gear and walking away from me. The Turkey’s ass was the only thing I could kick. OK it wasn’t that bad, but almost. I’m certain I came in last place. I know I ran 5 miles, because my GPS on my
Dancing Hula in the Sunset District

PostHeaderIcon Hula – A Great Spot Remover

Yesterday was a weird day. I was glad when it ended.

I was wearing a skirt that’s sort of a silk-type fabric. I like the skirt a lot. I like its burnt orange color, I like the waistband, I like the way it hangs. What I don’t like is that today it got a little stain on it.

I noticed it right about the time I noticed my backpack was pulling my skirt up and up and up until my ass was hanging out
Dancing Hula in the Sunset District