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PostHeaderIcon Book Review – Set Phasers on Par-Tay!

The other day The Boy totally needed to get out of the house. He needed a good run. I asked him where he wanted to go. He promptly said “the playground with the train.” At first I was a bit annoyed because we have to drive to ‘the playground with the train,’ and I wanted to walk him down to Ocean Beach and run him there. After grumbling a little bit I said I’d take him there but being that ‘the
Dancing Hula in the Sunset District

PostHeaderIcon Book Review – Shiver, and Reminising About “Page 148″

I’m just about finished reading Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater. It’s one of The Girl’s books. She was so wrapped up in it when she was reading it I decided I would give it a whirl. The book’s got just about everything a tween / almost teen could love. There’s forbidden teenage love, best friends, absent parents.

Perfect fantasy for a kid her age. Or so I thought . . . .

Spoilers abound – I don’t
Dancing Hula in the Sunset District

PostHeaderIcon Book Review – Fierce Heart

I just finished reading Fierce Heart by Stuart Holmes Coleman. I enjoyed it immensly. 
It came out in April of 2009. I should have read it then, but I didn’t. I should have read it before I went on huaka’i but I never got around to it. Had I read it before huaka’i I would have had a better understanding to some of the areas we visited around Makaha and Wai’anae last May. I’m glad I read it,
Dancing Hula in the Sunset District

PostHeaderIcon Chef Sam Choy’s , “Hawaiian Luau” Cook Book


THE embodiment of island charm and a true sense of the aloha spirit, Sam Choy is the most beloved chef in Hawaii and truly the Culinary ambassador of Hawaii . On his long running cooking show “Sam’s Kitchen” and his successful series of cook books he has inspired many people to fire up their grills and kitchen stove with his innovative style but still easy and simple recipes which are filled with the flavors of Hawaii.

Home-cooking is at the heart of his cooking style. Cooking should be fast and easy whether in a restaurant or in the home. Keeping it simple, blending of flavors is unexpected ways to liven dishes up. This is what has kept Sam Choy the most beloved chef in Hawaii and is so evident from his cooking show.

It is blending of the flavors of the many Asians, Polynesian, and mainland cultural which has melted into this unique style of cooking that has created the Islands Regional Cuisine. The Island-Style of cooking is unique and can’t be found anywhere else on the world. No where else can you find a blend of flavors and it all works so well.

His successful series of cookbooks is more than recipes, it is a guide to help you enjoy yourself the “Island style”. It’s takes a tour through the multi-cultural influences that has been adding their own unique flavors to the pot for decades, like teriyaki chicken, sashimi from the Japanese, sausages and sweet bread from the Portugese, kau lua pig, fresh seafood, fish, poke and all the other amazing luau foods from Hawaii, kalbi (A Korean style barbeque) from the Koreans, roast duck from the Chinese.

For Hawaiian food recipes, luau food recipes or Hawaiian dishes Sam Choy’s cook books are filled with the flavors that’ll put smiles on everyone’s faces at your next dinner.

… get Chef Sam Choy’s ” HAWAIIAN LUAU ” cook book …

Sam Choy Luau Food Recipes