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PostHeaderIcon Grains and Tony Bordain – A Dream


 Last night I had a dream I was spending a week at Tony Bordain’s beach house. It was New Year’s Eve.  A lot of people were with me. In my dream I knew them but I can’t remember who they are now. Tony Bordain had a crush on me. I was thinking that I should write him a thank-you note for letting me crash at his beach house all week. I made a side salad. It was made from some kind of grain.
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PostHeaderIcon Hey Pablo! — a dream last night

I had a dream about Paul Rodriguez last night. When I mentioned it to hubby he said “that’s enough, I don’t need to hear any more.” I tried to tell him it wasn’t that kind of dream, but he didn’t want to hear about it. I told him anyways. He turned up the volume on the TV but I kept talking. The TV has a finite volume. I don’t.

We were in San Francisco but the location was sort of like a
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PostHeaderIcon A Dream – Showers and Lice

Some mornings I hit snooze more than other mornings. On those mornings when I hit snooze a little too much I sometimes have strange dreams surrounding what I’d be doing if I were awake in real life. For example, if I have to pee, I’ll have dreams that I have to pee but I can’t find a bathroom, the bathroom is super grody, there are no doors on the stalls, there is a toilet but it’s up on a
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PostHeaderIcon The Geneva Pizza Dream, Again.

I’ve written about this before, but it happened again. I had “The Geneva Pizza Dream.”

When I’ve had a bad day at work, or when work gets stressful I have “The Geneva Pizza Dream.” Geneva Pizza was a bit of a stressful place to work. I worked there for a few years and then I quit. I quit by walking out in the middle of my shift in hysterics. A customer gave me a ride home.

Ah, fun times.

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PostHeaderIcon Dream Over the Weekend

I was on a bus going somewhere. I don’t know where we were heading but in my dream I did. I also didn’t know all the people on the bus, but in my dream I did.
We got to our destination. We were early. It was almost light out, and it was pretty darn chilly. We were all waiting on a football field for whatever it was we were waiting for. My hula sister Juna started sprinting lines on the football
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PostHeaderIcon Married again? – A Dream

Dreams are funky. Here’s a dream I had the other night.

A long lost boy I had a crush on in junior high contacted me. He said we had to get a divorce because he had met the woman of his dreams and he wanted to marry her. Apparently we were married in what we thought was a fake wedding ceremony when we were 14, but it was actually real. I thougth “I’m married. How come I didn’t need to get a
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PostHeaderIcon Dream last night – It’s a Churchy dream

I had a fairly “churchy” upbringing and most of the lessons I’ve learned growing up have stuck with me through today and have been passed on to my children. Some lessons are more ingrained than others, but I can safely say that I am a product of my upbringing and old habits die hard. I went to a Lutheran school from 3rd grade to 9th grade. We went to church every Sunday. I went to youth group
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PostHeaderIcon Creepy Dream

picture stolen from
 This morning I woke up with a bit of a tickle in my throat. I couldn’t stop coughing.

Hubby and I set our own alarms. Mine was about to go off in a minute or so; his had yet to chime, beep or bakawk! I decided to make my way to the couch and finish my morning hitting-snooze-for-the-next-20-minutes routine.
I don’t remember my dream during the last ”
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PostHeaderIcon Dream Fragments while The Boy dreams about cake.

While I was getting a really bad night’s sleep last night between the cat meowling (meow + howl), my son being a bed-hog and asking about his cake (I guess he had a bad dream about his grandma, cousin and sister stealing his cake), and having twisted up blankets so my coverage wasn’t quite how I like it, I had some weird dream fragments.

First –
I was getting ready for my wedding. I was having
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PostHeaderIcon My baby boy’s dream.

Last night / this morning I heard my littly boy cry.

Now usually when I hear him cry I wait it out a few minutes to see how serious he his as sometimes he squawks loud enough to wake me up and then he goes right back to sleep.

Last night I let him cry for a few minutes but then got up when I realized his cry was a little bit different than his normal “come get me, I want to sleep in your bed”
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