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I’m almost done with my holiday shopping.
For Christmas I have one more task to do for the presents we’re giving my parents and my in-laws. I’m super excited about their present. I think they’ll really like it. Other than that, I just have to wrap a few things and I’m done. I’m excited to see the The Girl and The Boy when they see what Santa brought them.
I have a few birthday presents to take
Dancing Hula in the Sunset District

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Big Island residents with a passion for sharing the wonderful flavors, aromas, tastes, and smells of our island home with you.

Really Hawaiian

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My Philosophy on Gift Giving and Receiving
It’s OK to re-use wrapping paper, bows, ribbons and gift bags – It’s the responsible thing to do in this day and age; it saves a bit of money, it helps the planet by not using extra or unnecessary resources, and gosh darn it, some ribbons and bows are too pretty not to use again.
It’s OK to make gifts for your loved ones, rather than buying something –
Dancing Hula in the Sunset District

PostHeaderIcon Thinking of a Gift for That Special Someone Yet, I am.
Hawaiian Food Recipe