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PostHeaderIcon My Least Favorite Hula

Everyone hula dancer has her own “go-to” dance. Y’know, the one that if asked to dance hula they would say OK I’ll dance “(insert favorite hula dance here).” And, y’know, I’m guessing everyone has a hula they really don’t like to dance.

Last night towards the end of class Kumu pulled out a  makua lua hoʻohiluhilu kula  (my attempt at translating ‘golden oldie’), Papalina Lahilahi. Then we danced
Dancing Hula in the Sunset District

PostHeaderIcon On Marrying Hula

I’m always surprised at the hula steps that come easy to me and the ones that give me grief.

Some moves I get right away. When I attempt them and conquer them I think ‘wow, that sounded hard and I pulled it off. yay me.’

Then there are other moves that sound easy, that seemingly everyone in class, but me figures out and executes perfectly. Both dances we are learning in class this month (and
Dancing Hula in the Sunset District

PostHeaderIcon Hula – A Great Spot Remover

Yesterday was a weird day. I was glad when it ended.

I was wearing a skirt that’s sort of a silk-type fabric. I like the skirt a lot. I like its burnt orange color, I like the waistband, I like the way it hangs. What I don’t like is that today it got a little stain on it.

I noticed it right about the time I noticed my backpack was pulling my skirt up and up and up until my ass was hanging out
Dancing Hula in the Sunset District

PostHeaderIcon Hello? Operator? Is Hula There?

Tonight was not my best night at hula. I suppose it happens to the best of us. It shouldn’t, but it does. Tonight, as much as I didn’t want to, and as much as I tried not to, I dialed it in. I was not totally present in hula tonight. Chalk it up to the crazy goings on in my head, the day I had at work, the overwhelming amount of housework I have at home . . . I don’t know what it was but I didn’t
Dancing Hula in the Sunset District

PostHeaderIcon Hula knew?: The Kaona of my Hula Siblings.

In May of 2004, on the first night of hula class with Na Lei Hulu, Kumu said something that I think about often. I don’t remember his exact words but he said, to a packed room that is now maybe a quarter of the size it was then, that if we stick it out, if we stay dancing with this group of people, we will become great friends with some of them, and the rest, although we may not be super close,
Dancing Hula in the Sunset District

PostHeaderIcon Hula For The Cure

Last weekend some of my Hula Brothers and Sisters and I danced at the SGK Run in San Francisco. It was a beautiful day and a lot of fun. Here’s a video that Hubby took.
Dancing Hula in the Sunset District

PostHeaderIcon Dancing Hula

Dancing Hula

Hula dancing is the essence and spirit of Hawaii. Initially it was treated as a sacred ritual, but it slowly it has became a form of social entertainment. The dance is not without meaning. In fact, the heart of hula dancing is poetic text, which is referred to as Mele. All movements are interpreted and performed on the basis of the text. In hula dancing, hand and arm gestures are combined with rhythmic twisting and swirling. Each movement has a particular meaning and this coupled with the expressive hand gestures have even greater significance. While dancing, the movements that the dancers make may represent any facet of nature or life. Plants, trees, war, wind fire and water. All the elements are adequately represented and the viewer has no doubt in his mind as to the meanings are with each movement. This is because hula dancing by its movements embodies the essence of thing it represents. The dancers incorporate to exactitude the elements of life and nature and the chanting aids in narrating the story.

Initially in hula dancing, the emphasis was on the words only, but as many people do not understand tho early chants, this form of dancing has become more expressive and understandable. Interestingly enough, there are many types of hula dancing and these are performed at different times and in different ways. Hula hue was a kind of endurance dance used at the end of a program while hula hapa haole was a westernized version with English words. Hula hula pertained to a type of dancing where there were many people involved. Some sang and some played the drum.

Hula o Kalâkaua was dancing reserved for the King’s coronation. Hula kuhi Lima was a sitting hula where the dancer swayed the body in keeping with the music and made eloquent hand gestures. The modern day hula auana is very informal and there is no ceremony involved. It is danced to the accompaniment of instrument like the guitars and is very popular on the islands of Hawaii.

Whatever be the form of hula dancing, the essence and spirit of the dance is always felt. It has a strange impact on the viewers and often makes one want to join in. Hula dancing in spite of metamorphosis is here to stay. Its magnetic charm touches all who see. The origins of hula are open to interpretation. Some believe it came from the ancient civilization of Mu, some claim it was indigenous, while others say that it had its roots in Tahiti . Whatever be its origin or its roots, there is no doubt that the Hula is the link which binds the dancers with the universe and symbolizes their unity with all creation.

Moana Hula

Moana Music

PostHeaderIcon Why I dance hula.

A lot of people wonder, and most people ask why I hula dance. I have no connection to Hawaii. I’ve only been there once. I don’t believe I was Hawaiian in a former life. I’m not trying to become Hawaiian . . . . I’m just a white girl of German, Swedish and French Canadian ancestry from shores of Southern California.

I tell them the simple story that in 2002 I needed to have knee surgery. The
Dancing Hula in the Sunset District

PostHeaderIcon Facebook Hula

One day I saw a Facebook status update from my friend Kama Hopkins, noting that he was on the Pali Highway and it was raining. I thought to myself, “why the heck is he updating his Facebook status while he’s driving?”. I wrote a single verse (verse 5 below) to tease him about it and to remind him not to do such dangerous things (turns out he was stuck in traffic at the time and not speeding down the road). Within about 15 minutes I had 7 verses and posted it on Facebook. Read the rest of the story here.

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Nani Hula

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