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When you think fast and racing wheels what manufacturer comes to mind? For most automobile fanatics it’s going to be one brand that sticks out the most and that is Motegi Racing wheels. Motegi Racing is one of the top brands that people go with when they are on the tracks trying to get the fastest times possible at the highest speeds. This is saying that they have put their trust into Motegi Racing wheels to not only get the job done at the highest level but also that they keep them safe while doing it. The true test for those conditions would be the one of the world’s most famous race: Le Mans.

The Le Mans race is one of the most popular races on the planet and it is 24 hours straight of car racing. It was first raced in 1923 and it really is the ultimate test for a racer. In order to maintain high speeds for a long period of time you need to have a set of wheels that can withstand all that pressure and heat. Motegi Racing wheels are designed just for this application.

Motegi Racing Technomesh GT wheelMotegi Racing wheels are ultra-high performance rims

Motegi Racing wheels are used in the famous Le Mans race. In 2013 the company actually renewed their partnership with a Ferrari team and also the SRT Viper program. Both of those teams will be using the Motegi Racing Technomesh GT wheel. This wheel offers brake cooling, they are lightweight and gives the perfect balance of stiffness. This wheel was actually made using the help of other racing teams with the use of their engineers and designers to produce this one piece forged Technomesh wheel.

This Technomesh wheel produced by Motegi Racing wheels was originally manufactured for the Ferrari 458 GT3 and after making its debut on the track the wheel has blown up in popularity with the other top race teams in the world. Some of the other cars that use these wheels is the Porsche RSR 911 GT3, Lola-Judd LMP2, Ferrari GTE and others.

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The best part about all of this is that Motegi Racing wheels is making a special Technomesh wheel for the streets so you and I can buy these and ride around like the professional racers do at Le Mans. I’m pretty excited to get my hands on these wheels because they are just so innovative and have such a great reputation.