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PostHeaderIcon Hey Pablo! — a dream last night

I had a dream about Paul Rodriguez last night. When I mentioned it to hubby he said “that’s enough, I don’t need to hear any more.” I tried to tell him it wasn’t that kind of dream, but he didn’t want to hear about it. I told him anyways. He turned up the volume on the TV but I kept talking. The TV has a finite volume. I don’t.

We were in San Francisco but the location was sort of like a
Dancing Hula in the Sunset District

PostHeaderIcon Dream last night – It’s a Churchy dream

I had a fairly “churchy” upbringing and most of the lessons I’ve learned growing up have stuck with me through today and have been passed on to my children. Some lessons are more ingrained than others, but I can safely say that I am a product of my upbringing and old habits die hard. I went to a Lutheran school from 3rd grade to 9th grade. We went to church every Sunday. I went to youth group
Dancing Hula in the Sunset District